About Us

Schneider Fishing Lines

Schneider-big-catch-about-us-722x480Schneider Fishing Lines was established in 1950 by John Ungar.

Schneider Fishing Lines manufacturing plant originated in Germany in years to follow the plant relocated to Portugal too accommodate the ever increasing supply needed, still today producing the same German engineered product with German raw materials, the company is known for its premium quality fishing lines and is one of the leaders in the industry.

The quality of Schneider Fishing Lines has been maintained at the pinnacle of the international standards by the extensive research and development of products. Schneider Fishing lines are formulated with the latest technology meeting the demands of  fisherman both amateur and professional. Schneider Fishing Lines continues to supply premium Bait & Tackle and Sports Stores as they have done so for over half a century.



Our Mission Statement

  1.  We are passionate about our fishing lines, that have served fishermen of Australia since 1950.
  2.  Schneider sets the highest standards – all products are made from the highest quality raw materials.
  3.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism and friendly customer service, and believe it is an extremely important part of building business relationships.
  4.  To instill confidence and trust, we strive always to meet our users’ most challenging expectations.
  5.  We greatly value our customers support, and share their vision of mutual growth. Together we can continue to be innovative; working towards making us a unique entity.