NEW Schneider 8 Carrier Braided Line

 NEW Schneider Super Smooth 8 Carrier Pink Braid

Schneider New 8 Carrier Pink Braid is 100% Spectra formulated using the latest technology which enables the line  to be finer while maintaining the superior knot strength super smooth for ease in handling, delivering longer casting distance, no stretch along with increased abrasion resistance and colour retention making this Schneider 8 Carrier super smooth braid extremely sensitive and durable while maintaining rounder diameters, not losing shape with age.

These unique braided qualities enable it to match the demands of today’s fishermen, making it an ideal choice for lure fishing, trolling and deep bottom fishing. High visibility above the water and low visibility below the water.

Available in Pink 10lb to 50lb in 150yds, 300yds spools





Schneider 8 Carrier Pink Braid- 100% Spectra

Tensile PoundsAvailable in lengths – YardsDiameter
 50lbs x x x 0.35mm