Best Areas: Coastal Reefs in 35metres to 70metres

Best Fishing line and Tackle combination: I find 10kg Schneider Braid is a must when target Snapper in Winter match to the Shimano SSX Tornado and Spheros 8000 FB, you will need 1.5metres of leader in 10kg mono, sinker at the bottom and one or two hooks above, dropper style rig.

Best Baits: Squid and Pilchards work well but any good fish strips will do as Snapper don’t seem to fussy, Soft plastics are also worth a shot in water depth of 10 to 20metres.

Conditions: Head off shore with west winds flat seas and you will have a great day off Sydney any wind from the South, East will make your day very tough.

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Regards Scotty Lyons