Submit Your Schneider Fishing Lines “Super Catch”

Send us a photo of your Schneider Fishing Lines "Super Catch" displaying one of our merchandise products in the photo (sticker, t-shirt or cap) and we'll display your photo on our website.
  • Include your area code 02 5555 4444 or 0404 555 444
  • Give a brief title. We suggest naming the type of fish and where you took it. e.g. "Barramundi at Lake Tinaroo, Cairns" or being creative "Biggest Barra in NT Classic Fishing Comp"
  • Tell us about your Schneider Fishing Lines "Super Catch" in less than 1000 characters (about 250 words). This will be posted directly on the website, so be creative.
  • Upload a photo of your "Super Catch". Please keep it below 100Kb (We suggest a JPG image at 800px x 600px at 72 DPI and 80% quality).
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